Product Care & Repair


Jewellery repair is a guarantee provided by Maximillian & Mary as a form of our commitment to the customer. Repairs can be done at any time without a time limit at all Maximillian & Mary branches. Jewellery repair includes:

  1. Re-polishing
  2. Ring resizing: downsizing is free, upsizing 2 numbers is free while upsizing above 2 numbers will be charged as follows
    • Upsizing 3 numbers: Rp. 400,000
    • Upsizing 4 numbers: Rp. 500,000
    • Upsizing 5 numbers: Rp. 600,000
    • Upsizing 6 numbers: Rp. 750,000
    • Upsizing 7 numbers: Rp. 1,000,000
    • Upsizing 8 numbers will be determined after checking the condition of the ring.
  1. Repairing jewellery.
  2. Jewellery cleaning.

All repair processes time may vary, the time will be determined as soon as Maximillian & Mary receives repair request from the customer.

Maximillian & Mary only provides guarantees for products purchased at all Maximillian & Mary branches.




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